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You Do Not Need PC-Matic

Everyone knows that XP Pro isn’t supported any longer by Microsoft. Since XP Pro was one of the most robust operating systems produced until its time of release most of us really hate to see it go. There is some good news but it is NOT that PC-Matic can eliminate problems with XP. I am sure you have seen the commercials on TV but if you go to CPA Practice Advisor Reviews you will see that a very good chance exists that you are wasting your money. Just in case the article goes away, I captured it for you and the PDF can be viewed by clicking on PCMatic Article. It is in small sections spread across several pages so be sure you read it to the end.
We are working with people on a daily basis to manage their XP Pro concerns as you can see at CPA Practice Advisor . In some cases, the operating system is being kept but in others we are moving customers to Windows 7 Pro which is like an enhanced XP Pro. It is just as robust and dependable as XP and functionality is very similar.

If you have an important machine running XP Pro and you want to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency, allow us to do a clean up and optimization. XP is a 32 bit Operating System which limits the user to approximately 3.3 GB of RAM. That is a real concern as software grows requiring more fast storage but it is important to ensure that your computer is taking maximum advantage of the available RAM.
There is no reason to panic because Microsoft is ending support for XP. In most cases, migration to Windows 7 isn’t’ a difficult process. If you have a machine running software that you purchased but don’t have the original media to allow reinstallation, then real concern should exist. If the machine fails, you are out of business. In cases of this type, addressing the problem while your computer is running normally rather than waiting for problems to develop is a good move.
I am posting this information as a service to our customers because I don’t want to see them waste money reacting to promises that are not true. I provided the independent assessment of this software because I realize I could be expected to be biased. The independent evaluator has no dog in this fight so he comments should be well founded and without being influenced by potential for economic gain.

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