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Wireless Networks

If you have a wireless network in your home or office, you need a wireless security assessment from Friendly Computers. An unsecured or improperly secured wireless network opens your entire home or business to unauthorized access.

With an unsecured wireless network, not only could someone use your internet access, they could steal your computer files, your passwords, and the credit card numbers you are using for online purchases.

Friendly Computers can evaluate your wireless network and implement security measures to keep it safe. A typical wireless installation does not include security features. There are many ways to provide extra layers of security for your wireless network. During our wireless security assessment, we will discuss your usage and your needs to determine the best plan for your security. The assessment will also include data back up measures needed to security the critical data stored on your computer systems. Protect your data and your identity. Give us a call today!

Help with your Wireless Internet – no connection – low signal – running slow – won’t connect – add a device – Wifi signal – router issues. We can help with any networking issue for wired or wireless networks – home or office.

Internet connection problems are so frustrating. They can be caused by many things. Our team of experts can help with your network, your internet connection, and your computer systems. Call us at 281-554-5500 for all networking issues.

You are invited to visit our facilities whether you have a need or just want to see where we work. Our design was created by us based on the negative aspects of our visits to other computer service providers before opening the business. We provide excellent equipment for our Technicians and utilize an “open” environment allowing customers to see all of our operation from the front counter.

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