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Laptop Wireless Services

Most users prefer the convenience of a wireless network whether at home or at work and it is especially our preference to have a wireless laptop connection because of the portability of our laptops.  Wireless security should always be considered when installing or using a wireless network. It is important to secure wireless networks to avoid data loss and ensure privacy.  When using public wifi installations, you should always go to your device settings and select private browsing to avoid unwanted access to your device by other users on the wireless network.


If you have a wireless network in your home or office, consider a wireless security assessment by Friendly Computers. An unsecured or improperly secured wireless network opens your entire network to unauthorized use of your internet connection, risk of data loss, and access to private data.  With an unsecured wireless network, not only could someone steal your internet access, they could steal computer files, passwords, financial data, and other private data including your identity.

Friendly Computers can evaluate your wireless network and implement security measures to keep unwanted user-access from occurring while securing all data contained within your network environment.

If you are currently not using the convenience of a wireless network, we can also implement this option within your current network and secure it using the latest security measures. Friendly Computers can also improve wireless performance if you are experiencing low signal in your home.  This can be caused by the location of your wireless router or the configuration of your wireless router.  Our networking experts can quickly assess your wireless network and provide solutions that fit your needs.

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