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Wired Networks

Wireless networks are “nice” for using laptops because of the freedom of movement allowed but they lack the speed enjoyed with wired networks. For stationary desktop type computers, using wired networks is the best approach. With the proper router and wiring, a wired network can perform at gigabit speed which is 10 times as fast as the typical 100/10 wired networks typically encountered. In most cases, existing wiring is adequate for gigabit performance and most computers less than 3 years old are equipped with gigabit capable equipment. Even if desktop computers aren’t gigabit capable, addition of an inexpensive PCI slot card can enable the upgrade. Installation of a gigabit router and upgrading outdated machines with new network cards is a relatively inexpensive way to significantly improve your LAN performance.

Our Technicians are trained in installation of Category 5 and 6 Ethernet cable and can install wall plates and connectors necessary for any wired network. They have equipment required for checking existing Ethernet cable when troubleshooting problems and are trained to work with virtually all routers currently in use.  From routinely used Comcast routers to Cisco routers, Friendly Computers can help.

If you need help with a wired network, call Friendly Computers today.  We can provide all equipment and perform the installation and configuration for your office needs.  Wired networks provide added security and speed to boost overall performance.  Call for your free onsite consultation or to get immediate help with your wired or wireless network.  281-554-5500

We take network security seriously and will add the necessary layers of security based on our business needs.  Need to be HIPAA compliant?  Friendly Computers understands HIPAA compliance and can ensure you are following the necessary guidelines.  Want secure remote access to your business files from outside the office?  Friendly Computers can help!  Call today: 281-554-5500

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