Windows 10 Popup Upgrade - Somebody Get a Rope!

Windows 10 Upgrade Popup – Somebody Get a Rope!

Windows 10 – Somebody Get A Rope

Fans of old Western Movies, mostly seen on TV today, know that the subject phrase is indicative of a gross wrongdoing where the law of the land isn’t proactive enough forcing citizens to “take law into their own hands”.  During 1870, the problem at hand could be something relatively simply by today’s standards like stealing a horse.  In those days, a good horse could mean the difference in living or dying to a Cowboy stuck in the middle of nowhere justifying the perception of the act being very near murder.

In the world of 2016, we seldom observe a passionate call for justice like that described but there are situations that bring the phrase to mind for many people sitting in front of their computer.  Some of us, who have been around a while, were taught by Microsoft that something good could always be better.  The concept started a very long time ago shortly after Bill Gates stole Windows from Steve Jobs but that is another story.  Windows – yep just plane oleFloppy Disks Windows – was delivered in I believe six 5 1/4 inch floppy disks.  When those disks were referred to as “floppy” they were not kidding.  The things were pretty flexible and didn’t hold a lot of data but it was enough capacity for the very first  Windows Operating System.  Next came Windows 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98, 98 Second Edition,  Windows millennium, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9 then Windows 10.

Reflecting on the various stages of Windows reveals a trend of sorts.  Windows 95 was a “good” OS but Windows 98 was better and Windows 98 Second Edition was one of the most stable operating systems Microsoft had released to date.  Then, following the best effort of Microsoft, came Windows Millennium.  When I saw the kid on TV beating on a keyboard with a plastic hammer and his attractive mother looking on with a smile on her face because after “containing” the kid she simple initiated System Restore  and all was well I knew we were headed for a train wreck.  When a company goes to that much effort to show everyone how great something is usually it ant and it wasn’t.  Windows ME was a disaster not easily surpassed but Microsoft did manage.  Following Windows ME came Windows XP.  In my opinion Windows XP was one of the best systems Microsoft ever released.  I believe that Microsoft knew that they had to make a big splash with a good product  or they were going to lose credibility with everyone after ME.  We still have customers running XP and I have an XP  system at home – the very first system every built at our location –  and granted I kept it for sentimental reasons but it still runs great.  After XP came Windows Vista and that was a real “prize”.  Microsoft succeeded in making it the most secure OS released to date but  they forgot one thing.  It was so damn secure it was almost impossible to use.  Windows Vista was actually worse than Windows ME. Then came Windows 7 which I perceive as a “souped-up” version of Windows XP.  It is solid as a rock and 100% reliable.  That observation gives rise to the question “why”.  When you have a product that surpasses everything produced to date, why do you have a need to improve it?  Well, Microsoft apparently felt compelled to use up all of the single digits cause with Windows 8, 9 and – God forbid – 10 did just that.  Speaking of God, it seems that Microsoft felt they should attempt to play that role with Windows 10.  I’ll bet I have seen that pop up suggesting that I upgrade at least a few thousand times informing me that the Windows 10 is a free upgrade.  I have a firm grasp of the concept.  Windows 10 PopupAWindows 10 is “free” but there ant no free lunch.  What Microsoft has done to thousands and probably millions of people should be a crime.  People get so fed up with the pesky popup that they finally say “yes”.  We have experienced more than one customer telling us that the upgrade proceeded without their permission.  The first couple of times I dismissed the comments as nonsense but I am not so sure anymore.  I do know that many, many of our customers who were perfectly happy with whatever OS they had been using have brought their machine to us because when they finally said “yes” things didn’t exactly proceed trouble free.  Now I can’t say that the outcome wasn’t the result of failure to properly follow instructions because that was maybe the cause of many of the problems.   The flaw in the logic is not everyone should be upgrading a machine from one Operating System to another.  Not everyone is a Technician just because they own a Philips screwdriver and can remove the side panel from their computer case.  They are just “folks” who want their computer to “work” properly.  We get Windows 10 disasters in all flavors.  Some end up with systems that won’t complete the boot sequence, some blue screen and some do boot successfully but then they hang up every time the user attempts to do most anything.  To make things worse, it many cases the user had a pile of photos, emails and document on their system without backup – definitely their fault –  which they cannot access.  Yes, we can and do restore the systems to their original state and we do recover all the documents, photos, etc. but then a customer leaves our location after spending several hundred dollars to return home and start seeing the popup encouraging them to upgrade to Windows 10 because the upgrade is free.  Do you think Microsoft lost credibility with then?  The answer to that rhetorical question is pretty obvious.  Remember that no one loves you and your money more than Friendly but we would prefer to see you spend it on something beneficial.  No matter how irritated you become of that pesky popup, “just say no” one more time.  You will be a much happier person the following day.


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