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Stopping the Windows 10 Upgrade Process

Learn how stopping the Windows 10 upgrade process for free can save you the frustration of dealing with this pesky, pushy upgrade!
See Blog Article “Windows 10 Upgrade Popup – Somebody Get a Rope!” first before reading this continuation to the pesky Windows 10 Upgrade saga about a free way of stopping the Windows 10 upgrade process!
Stopping the Windows 10 Upgrade ProcessOn returning to your unattended laptop, you see a display on the screen indicating that an unrequested/unauthorized installation of Windows 10 has begun and you are being asked to participate in some manner but all you know how to do is PANIC!  Leave it running and bring it to us. Don’t forget to bring your charger in case the batteries become depleted. Do not try to bring us the laptop if you only have a few minutes of battery life left because the computer may shutdown making things worse before you arrive at our location. IF we are aware of a way to terminate or reverse the process, we will help you free of charge as long as time required for completing all steps that have been successful thus far, is a few minutes (not to exceed 10 minutes). Stopping the Windows 10 upgrade process can be tricky, but we have been very successful with it.

In most cases, Microsoft pretty much follows the “rules” by not proceeding fully with the installation without some kind of user “approval” or participation at a minimum. After “killing” God only knows how many request that I upgrade to 10 from 7 PRO, this morning I saw something totally new. Indication was provided that the process had already begun but my name was displayed on the screen and an option was provided to claim that the indicated person was not me. That did it – this time – but I really do believe that some of the installation had been completed because after intervening the machine ran more than 5 minutes with indication that it was uninstalling 10 and my laptop is a core i7 or very fast machine.
On the basis of my observations, there is a high probability that ultimately Microsoft will succeed and install Windows 10 on my computer. I suppose like those survivor folks, I have prepared and you can do the same thing. By purchasing a backup device of adequate size, I run a backup creating an image of my computer daily in addition to backing up my data in a separate process. After running the full back of the image, subsequent backups are “incremental” only retaining portions of the drive changed since the last incremental backup. Since I have control of how much/many of the incremental portions of the image are loaded, I can get back where I was yesterday even if MS starts its nonsense in the middle of my backup phase. If you are interested in a similar arrangement, just ask our Dispatcher for a quote.
Windows 10 may be the best Operating System ever created and upgrading may be to my advantage, BUT when I Stopping the Windows 10 Upgrade Processdon’t want something and an initiative is taken to “force” me to accept the “gift,” I do not become very gracious. Why is Microsoft doing this? I’ll bet that if Steve Jobs had not allowed Bill Gates to steal Windows, we wouldn’t be in this convoluted mess but that is water under the bridge.
We appreciate our customers and want them to be with us for a long time so if we can extend a helping hand without it becoming prohibitive from a time consumption perspective, we will be glad to do whatever we can. All must understand that in accepting our free assistance, the requestor is relieving us of any and all responsibility for the outcome. IF we fail and the thing proceeds with the installation or our efforts completely wrecks your machine the problem resolution responsibility remains with the computer’s owner/submitter and Friendly Computers will not become responsible for providing any assistance beyond doing our best to stop the process.  As always, we will do our best to do what is in your best interest and hopefully stop the upgrade process without incident.  This type of intervention takes about 10 minutes.  If we exceed that time frame, it will be necessary to charge for our services beyond the first 10 minutes.  Take advantage of our free offer today!  Give us a call or come by right away should you encounter what we have seen time and time again with this pesky intrusion and with stopping the Windows 10 upgrade process.

Although our free offer cannot be applied to onsite services, we would be happy to assist you in your home or office should you find yourself in a position of getting these blue screens that give you the impression that the Windows 10 Upgrade process is already in progress.  Microsoft has mastered the illusion of making you believe you have no choice.  Friendly Computers can get you back to your previous version of Windows.  Call today: 281-554-5500

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