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Slow Laptop

Many laptops are needlessly replaced with new ones because they are perceived as being a slow laptop.  The decrease in speed occurs over time so the user forgets how its current performance compares to the way it ran when it was new.  Many variables come into play when evaluating reasons why our laptops run more slowly over time.

One contributing factor to a slow running laptop is simply internet usage. As we visit websites, various components like toolbars are added to the computer and many times the additional items aren’t even used by the laptop user.  Temporary files are created on the computer consuming disk space and serving no good purpose.

Spyware and Adware also accumulate over time decreasing laptop performance and causing it to run slower and slower over time.  Spyware and Adware are designed to track what you do on the internet to determine your likes, dislikes, and how you spend money and on what.  While the spyware and adware perform their duties, the performance of your laptop over time slows.

Components of software apps installed are placed in the startup group causing the computer to take a long time to boot.  All software suppliers want you to be happy with their product so they cause part of their programs to start when your computer boots.  This makes the program appear to start quickly when you need it.  Removing these items from the startup group can make applications start slower, but depending on how often the program is used, it may not matter.

The memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) that computers use when running programs was very expensive until recently so most new computers were equipped with a the minimum required for reasonable performance.  RAM is inexpensive now and adding memory does more to increase computer performance than anything available from a  dollars spent perspective.

Other reasons laptops run slow can be virus infections, hardware issues, software conflicts, and corrupted Operating Systems. The slower the performance, the more frustrating it is for the user.  A general “tune up” can significantly enhance the laptop’s performance and make your user experience more pleasant and efficient.  Regular preventative maintenance increases the life expectancy and performance of your laptop and it is a relatively inexpensive repair that helps avoid more costly repairs.

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