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Data RecoveryData loss can be devastating and that is why Friendly Computers offers convenient and reliable data recovery.  If you have you lost access to precious photographs, important documents, or other data on your computer, we can help.  Hard drives simply fail and when they do, panic can set in. Because they are a constantly moving part within our computer systems, our hard drives are subjected to the possibility of failure. Friendly Computers provides in-house data recovery for hard drive failures.

Gillware Affiliate PartnerWhen our recovery efforts fail, and sometimes they do, we have a long-standing partnership with Gillware.  Gillware is a leader in data recovery services.  They offer clean-room services where they can completely disassemble your hard drive to carefully recover the data. Call today to discuss your data services: 281-554-5500

To avoid the need for data recovery, Friendly Computers can also help with data security and data backup plans.  Backing up your data is the #1 way to avoid data loss.   There are many options for data backup: online back up services, external hard drives, multiple hard drives in a PC or business server, jump drives, and even DVD storage.

If you do lose data, Friendly Computers can help. With our advanced diagnostic and recovery tools, we can recover data from multiple devices such as:

  • Laptops
  • Desktop PCs
  • Digital cameras
  • External hard drives
  • Flash/Jump drives
  • Cell phones

Once your data is recovered, we can easily transfer the data to a new computer or other desired device. If your computer hard drive fails and you want a new one, Friendly Computers can custom-build desktop PCs, acquire new laptops, or provide business-grade refurbished laptops or desktops for your home or office.  Give us a call today: 281-554-5500.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery
Data Recovery
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