Selecting a Computer Service Provider

Selecting a Computer Service Provider

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How To Choose A Computer Service Provider

Yes, you do you want an honest computer services company.  Perhaps the term appears to be an oxymoron?  Just as the term oxymoron is not necessary, because everyone might not know that oxymoron is a statement which appears to contradict its self, we know that customers want to hear terminology they can understand.  Friendly is an honest computer services company and I give you my word on that statement.  When you select Friendly to provide your services you will experience:

  1. The best Technicians in the area working on your problem.
  2. You will be told the truth by everyone at Friendly. Two things result in immediate employee discharge – lying and stealing.
  3. Repairs will occur at our location. Unlike some competitors we do not send computers to some other location for work to be completed.
  4. We partner with Microsoft and you can be assured that only legal software will be installed on your computer. Violation of the agreement can result in fines of $10,000 per occurrence, and we take that very seriously.
  5. I do my very best to be sure that every employee lives up to our name. You will not hear a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo when simple, easy to understand terms will describe the situation equally well.
  6. We will do the work right the first time.
  7. If we make a mistake with repairs to your computer, we will fix the problem and it won’t cost you a dime.
  8. Our Technicians are capable of working with any IT equipment. We hire the best.
  9. Background checks are conducted on every employee, we are bonded and insured for two million dollars and our Technicians arrive in a company car wearing a company shirt so you won’t need to worry about inviting one of our employees into your home or office.
  10. I personally do my best to ensure that no customer leaves our location unhappy. Every day I am at our office sitting at the second desk so if you are unhappy about something you can talk directly with the person who has authority to resolve your problem.  It might sound corny, but the buck does stop with me and I can be located.

If you find that my promise was not kept, call me on my cell at 281-685-4930, write to me at or come to our location and tell me and I will make things right.  Our reputation is very important to me and my wife, who is also my business partner.  Try our service and if you are pleased, tell everyone you know.  If you are unhappy, tell me and I will get the problem resolved.

Now, if you find another computer services company where the owner provides this kind of guarantee maybe you should use them.  If not, select Friendly and you will not leave unhappy.  Over the past 10 years we have performed over 30,000 repairs so I believe we are experienced.


Ron Jones

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