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Laptop Screen Repair

We love our laptops because of their portability, but we frequently crack our laptop screens and need laptop screen repair because of their portability!  We place them on the floor, the sofa, the table, a stool, on the edge of our bed, and any other semi-level spot when we sit them down occasionally.  In turn, we sit on them, step on them, drop them, and yes, sometimes even toss them!

Friendly Computers replaces laptop screens every day.  We partner with the multiple vendors to provide the best pricing on the replacement parts when your laptop screen gets cracked or when you also fracture the housing around the laptop screen (called the bezel). There are times when the screen is not working yet there are no visible cracks.  When damage occurs to a laptop screen, it can sometimes be a simple replacement of the connectors behind the screen.  In any case, if your screen is not working, Friendly Computers can help!

Friendly Computers has serviced and repaired over 30,000 laptops, computers, and networks and our expert team can help with any brand and any laptop repair need.  Our state-of-the-art facility includes eight technologically advanced workstations designed to efficiently and effectively diagnose and repair a wide variety of laptop hardware and software issues.  Each station is equipped with multiple proprietary tools and equipment.  In addition, all of our technicians are equipped with the same advanced tools to perform efficient and effective onsite service in your home or office.

You can use our convenient drop off service at our shop in Webster.  We are at I-45 and NASA Pkwy in the same center as Burlington Coat Factory.  For screen replacements, we do require the use of our drop off service verses onsite service in your home or office.  We can also save you time and money when you bring your laptop to our location as our in-shop rates are lower than our onsite rates.

Give us a call today: 281-554-5500 or stop by!  We look forward to serving you!

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