Computer Running Slow? Call Friendly Computers!

Computer Running Slow

Is your computer running slow? This problem can be caused by a number of things.  The most common reason for a slow running computer is viruses.  When your computer is infected with a computer virus, you may experience pop ups or be unable to search on the internet or even lose the ability to boot your computer. While the virus is wreaking havoc on your system, it makes the computer run more slowly and can make tasks more difficult to perform.  If you think you have a virus, read about our virus services here  or give us a call and we will help determine what is wrong with your system: 281-554-5500.

Data Recovery

Failing hardware like the hard drive can cause your computer to run slowly.  When a hard drive begins to fail, it has difficulty storing data and performing its normal duties as a key component within your computer.  Hard drives are one of the few moving parts inside your computer and because of the constant movement, they fail over time.  If you suspect your hard drive is failing, it is best to stop using it and get your data secured/backed up so it can be transfered to a new hard drive.  If your hard drive has already failed, read about our data recovery services here.

Software issues can cause your computer to run slowly.  Whether you have a corrupt Windows Operating System or software applications that are not configured properly, Friendly Computers can help diagnose and repair any software conflicts.  Sometimes our computers boot slower and slower over time because of all of the software installed our our systems.  Each installation can place parts of the software into your startup menu so that the software is readily available to you when you are ready to use it.  This can make your computer boot slowly over time.  During our general clean up services, we remove the clutter from your startup menu among other maintenance tasks to help prevent boot issues and to improve performance.

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