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Replace A Full-Time Employee

Let Us Boost Your Bottom Line

IT Support ServicesMany small businesses employ a full time Information Technology or Computer Services IT Support person. Friendly replaced that function for many small businesses in our area. Why pay $40,000 per year or more for a full time employee when Friendly can provide the same services at a fraction of the cost? Please give us a call and ask for our Shop Manager Rob or Owner Ron and request a site assessment and Monthly Service Agreement Proposal.

Friendly replaced lots of “computer guys” during the last 8 years and customers are delighted. Quality of support received by the small businesses increases because rather than having one person who is isolated from the majority of problems Friendly sees on a daily basis you will receive support from someone who is up to speed on all new technology and well versed on negative things such as new computer infection developments.

Many of your day to day problems will be resolved through “Remote Support”. By using the Chat window on our home page at Friendly and our Team Viewer remote connection software license, it is possible to describe and have a problem corrected without even picking up the phone. We do not recommend this approach for most problems but if something is causing your business real problems and you want it resolved very quickly, this is the most expedient approach.

Most businesses we support use our Monthly Service Agreement. With this approach, which does not involve any monthly flat fees or contracts, one of our Technicians visits the business location monthly to perform routineBlade Server maintenance and to ensure that everything is running as expected. Face to face time with customers is important. The best way to support your business is to get to know your employees and understand their needs. Our objective is to make your problems our problems which enables us to do what we are good at which is fixing your computer related problems and lets you devote your time to what is most important to you which is making money.

Give Rob or Ron a call today. You will be glad you did.

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