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Business-Grade Refurbished Computers

Our business-grade refurbished computers are equipped with large hard drives, great processors, and lots of memory.  They come with your choice of either Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10.  he Windows 7 systems are upgradable to Windows 10.

Our certified refurbishing partner obtains these Desktop PCs that come off-lease from larger corporations who lease them from manufacturers like Dell and HP and only utilize and maintain the systems for 2 years or less in a business setting.  Since they come from major corporations, they are built for the business environment and are less likely mistreated or mishandled by their professional users.

With 8 GB of memory and the high-capacity 1 TB hard drives, our $399-$499 price tag is a steal!  The extensive storage capabilities are perfect for all of your files, documents, videos, images and any other data storage needs. We can transfer data from your old system to this new system. We can also provide anti-virus software protection as well as install any desired software you may need for your specific needs.  Friendly Computers can also set up a data back up option to help protect your valuable data.

Our refurbished desktops are perfect for home, office, or school!  Already equipped for the business environment, you could easily use one of these systems in your office or home office.  They are great for high school and college students because of the excellent processors, memory, and data storage capacity.  And they are perfect for home use by one user or the entire family.

For the very latest pricing and specials on our refurbished desktops, please call us today: 281-554-5500.

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