Storm Surges, Power Surges, Failed Electronics

When you live in the Houston/Galveston area for just a short time, you realize you are subject to power surges, power outages and lots of storms.  Storms cause issues with our electronics.  A single power surge can destroy the power supply in a desktop computer requiring replacement.

The power you get from the wall outlet is known as “120 volts AC power.”  Power companies try to keep that voltage uniform. Lightning, short- circuits, poles knocked down by cars, or some other accident can make the voltage jump to hundreds, even thousands of volts.”

The above quote was takes from NIST Special Publication 960-6 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  It is not just an opinion.

Surges in voltage can cause major problems resulting in equipment damage and total data loss.  The images below show a hard drive discovered after a power surge.  It is “burned” and the damage renders it useless.

Front of Hard Drive       power surge


When you end up with a “singed” drive that appears burned, you are facing data recovery charges, hard drive replacement, power supply replacement, and the possibility of other repairs. To avoid these costly repairs, you can use surge protectors, battery backups, and to completely avoid issues, unplug all of your electronics when there is a chance you might experience power surges or failures.

Storm surges and power surges can be deadly to our electronics.  The safest solution is to unplug all electronics in a storm.  If this is not possible or you anticipate failing to do so, at a minimum you can use surge protectors that avoid the affects of surges.

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