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Power Surges – Storm Surges – Protection for Your Electronics

Storm SurgesNo matter where you live in the Houston Area, you are subjected to power surges.  Voltage can drop dramatically then exceed specified 120 volts significantly:

“The power you get from the wall outlet is known as “120 volts AC power.” The power    companies try to keep that voltage uniform. Lightning, short- circuits, poles knocked down by cars, or some other accident can make the voltage jump to hundreds, even thousands of volts.”

The above quote was takes from NIST Special Publication 960-6 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  It is not just an opinion.

“So what?  The power dips then comes back and I experience minimal interruption” you may think.   Sorry to tell you, that is not fact.  In the case of your computer, the over voltage can cause massive problems resulting in equipment damage and total data loss.  The images below is a hard drive removed from a customer’s computer that was a power surge “victim”.

Front of Hard Drive       Back of Failed Hard Drive

Data recover will not succeed on this drive but protection is relatively cheap.  You don’t just need to protect your hardware from surges but you need a backup source that is “smart” and informs your computer when it needs to shutdown in an orderly fashion as battery power becomes depleted.  A battery backup surge protector is just such a device and can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs and/or replacement costs.

Battery Backup Surge Protection Front Battery Backup Surge Protection Back


Many customers buy the ‘wrong” units that do provide surge protection but do nothing to retain integrity of the computer’s information.  If a disk on your hard drive is in read or write mode when a computer “crashes”, and something associated with your operating system is involved, your computer becomes “corrupt” requiring a complete reload in most cases.   The recommended unit not only provides protection for your computer but provides adequate outlets to protect other things like your backup storage external hard drive.

The unit delivered, properly installed and configured will cost around $350 but your computer and associated equipment will be safe.  Give us a call to schedule installation: 281-554-5500.  You could be very glad you did.


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