Laptop Power Issues - Laptop Won't Charge

Laptop Power Issues – Laptop Won’t Charge

When a laptop battery does not stay charged, there is likely damage to the connection between the power cord and the power jack on the back or side of your laptop.  Many times, because of the portability of a laptop, we damage this connection between the power cord and the power jack.  The power jack can become dislodge from the motherboard and prevent your laptop from recharging the battery or prevent it from even using the power coming from the power cord.  Once the battery runs down, it will no longer turn on.

Newer laptops feature a plug-in power jack that plugs into the motherboard and is easily replaceable should it become damaged.  Older models unfortunately house power jacks that are soldered onto the motherboard.  Because of the delicate nature of soldering on the motherboard and risking further damage, Friendly Computers only repairs plug-in power jacks.

Sometimes power issues are caused by the power cord itself. We have seen damage to the power cord caused by family pets who chew on the power cord causing irreparable damage. Also because of a laptop’s portability, we sometimes damage portions of the power cord.  Power cords are simply replaceable and are relatively inexpensive.

If you are experiencing power issues with your laptop, give Friendly Computers a call: 281-554-5500.  We can quickly evaluate any damage to either your power cord or power jack and determine the best course of action for repairs.  Our expert laptop repair team is ready to help in your home, your office or our shop!

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