Laptop Overheating Can Cause Serious Damage

Laptop Overheating

If your laptop seems to get really hot or shuts down unexpectedly, it may need a thorough internal cleaning. If your laptop is overheating, it can cause serious damage.  Fans are installed to pull air into and out of the laptop case to remove heat.  With the continued pushing and pulling of air, dirt and dust moves into our laptops (and not always out of our laptops). Because of its compact nature, over time, dust and dirt accumulates inside the laptop clogging the components designed to facilitate heat removal.  When dust accumulates around the processor, it begins to overheat because it is not being cooled properly.

At least once a year, laptops should be disassembled and cleaned.  This simple “tune up” can significantly extend the life of your laptop and is far less expensive than buying a new one.  When we perform this type of preventative maintenance, we also clean the fans removing accumulated dust particles that slow their performance.

Keeping your laptop dust-free is the perfect way to avoid loss and costly repairs.  If your laptop seems too hot, give us a call or stop by our shop so we can help prevent further issues or future problems. Even if your laptop is not hot, we can perform an overall tune up that includes dust removal, a software decluttering, defragging your hard drive, and other preventative maintenance that enhances laptop performance. Our expert laptop repair team is ready to help you!

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