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Sure, we see a lot of problems that most high school kids could resolve. We also work on a lot of more challenging issues but, to us, routine jobs like removing viruses from infected computers are really quite common. Occasionally, a customer comes to us with a problem that “stands out”. A situation is described which doesn’t seem to have an acceptable solution. That is when the difference in Friendly Computers and many of our competitors becomes apparent.

CIMG2252 FixedRecently a small business customer brought an older computer running XP Home Edition which was experiencing serious problems for repair. When we evaluate computers repair requirements, there are times when replacing the machine rather than spending significant money completing repairs seems advisable and in those cases we frequently recommend that the customer purchase one of our business grade refurbished computers. One problem developed when the alternative was presented. The customer uses Dry Clean Pro software for which he owns a license but the installation media is no longer available. If he bought the refurbished computer, he would need to buy another copy of the software which involves significant investment.

AMD Athlon Processor Now we had a challenging problem and an opportunity to help a small business customer. The customer was using an AMD Athlon processor in an old computer which no longer operated as needed but buying a replacement computer wasn’t an option because installation media for required software wasn’t available. Or was it? At Friendly, our Technicians don’t back away from challenging problems but they “step up to the plate” and many times accomplish what had seemed to be impossible.

In this case, it was one of our former managers who “took the helm”. He made an image of the customer’s hard drive then transferred the image to one of our refurbished computers using an Intel Core Duo processor. After he worked his “magic” the customer’s software was running error free on the refurbished computer. Steps required for accomplishing this feat are impressive and it is very tempting to describe what he did “blow by blow” but that isn’t going to happen. There are some things we do at Friendly that stays at Friendly. I am sure that there are some people who would say that the feat described herein is “impossible” because it is for most.

P84There are many reasons that Friendly has accumulated over 30,000 customers during a 10 year period but the most important has been presented here. When one of our business or residential customers faces what seems to be an impossible problem, they come to Friendly. Some leave disappointed because we can’t always “pull the rabbit out of the hat” but it sure feels good when we can. If you face a tough problem, come see us. You might arrive with what seems to be an impossible problem and leave with a great big smile on your face.

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