Networking Services by Friendly Computers

Networking Services

Friendly Computers is intimately familiar with networking design and implementation.  We can assist you in developing a plan for you new or existing business network to optimize ease-of-use, file sharing, security, and loss prevention of critical data using secure backup services.

Network Design

Not sure your network is designed to provide the best and most efficient use of your office technology?  Call Friendly Computers for a free site assessment and we will evaluate your network and propose the best options and solutions for your specific needs.

Our team of experts knows how to secure your business data and ensure the efficiency of all aspects of your network while keeping security, backups, and each user in mind.

Network Cable Installations

Hard-wired networks are the most reliable and secure options for any office environment. Implementing both wired and wireless options is a common installation for most business. Whether you have a brand new network or need to add a single workstation to your existing network, Friendly Computers can install cabling to implement new or added systems to your network.  If you have an existing network, we can validate the existing cables to ensure proper installation and configuration. Using the latest in technology resources and keeping your specific business in mind, we will install reliable wiring solutions for your network environment.

Wireless Services

Most users prefer the convenience of wireless services whether in an office environment, a public setting, or within their home network.  For businesses, it is important to secure wireless networks to avoid data loss, down time, privacy issues, and to ensure security of your business-critical data.

If you have a wireless network in your office, consider a wireless security assessment by Friendly Computers. An unsecured or improperly secured wireless network opens your entire office to unauthorized access, security breaches, risk of data loss, and non-compliant access to private data.  With an unsecured wireless network, not only could someone steal your internet access, they could steal computer files, passwords, financial data, and other business-critical data.

Friendly Computers can evaluate your wireless network and implement security measures to keep unwanted user-access from occurring while securing all data contained within your business environment.

If you are currently not using the convenience of a wireless network, we can also implement this option within your current network and secure it using the latest security measures recommended for the office environment while staying HIPAA Compliant should your industry require compliance.

Network Security

Friendly Computers takes network security seriously.  The security of your business data is our #1 priority when planning or implementing IT Services for your office.  We will always recommend backup services for your critical data and even propose implementation of backup power sources in the event there is a surge in power or complete power loss in your office.   Statistics show that nearly 70% of businesses who experience significant data loss will fail within a year of the loss because of their inability to recover from the damage that occurs.  Backing up your data is the best way to ensure network and data security.

There are many ways to secure your network using common and advanced tools.  If you are using a server, for example, your server can be configured to store routine data redundancy with the use of multiple hard drives installed within the server with the configuration of what is called a RAID Array.  Our IT Services team can implement these security measures quickly and efficiently.  Adding this type of installation in addition to routine off-site backup services helps loss prevention and ensures recovery from any data loss.

Using the appropriate and recommended software applications needed for your office environment and installing a reliable anti-virus program contributes to the security of your office network and business data.  Many times, anti-virus programs are installed but not configured properly, updated regularly, and are not running routinely.  Computer viruses are so prolific, they can be shared through networks and infect multiple computers in a business environment.

Remote Access – VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Many offices have team members who require access to business data from while away from the office.  Whether your team members work from home, travel extensively, or simply need occasional access to business files outside of the physical work environment, Friendly Computers can provide secure remote access for you.  Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), your staff can securely connect to your office network to perform any tasks they would normally perform within your office.

Call Friendly Computers today to schedule an appointment for your free network assessment.  We will evaluate your entire network design and propose solutions that ensure efficiency, security, and seamless access:  281-554-5500. Friendly Computers currently provides Business IT Services to hundreds of companies in the Houston, South Houston, Pasadena, Galveston, and Clear Lake Areas. What can we do for you?

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