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Network Installation

Whether you are setting up a completely new office, starting with only internet service but in need of an office full of computers networked to each other or have been operating 15 years and simply have a networking problem, Friendly Computer has the expertise required.  Two computers or 200, we can help!  We can acquire, configure, install, and maintain all of our computer systems and network.

In the case of a new installation, Friendly will discuss things like computer-to-computer file transfer rate requirement and guide you through selection of a wireless network, wired network or a combination. . Each has advantages and disadvantages which will be clearly explained to help you decide the best configuration. Friendly can provide routers and access points which will perform well and satisfy your needs

We will configure your router to access the internet then map drives from computer to computer to allow employees to “see” all or portions of each other’s files. We will recommend antivirus protection which is essential to safely accessing the internet and will look at things like whether you have a good backup system in place to protect essential files. When power failures occur, computer come crashing down and the event can lead to corrupt operating system or user files. This exposure can easily be mitigated using inexpensive backup power supplies for key computers which, if selected, installed and configured correctly, will allow an orderly shutdown of the equipment. Care must be exercised with backup power supplies because some only extend the time the machine operates following a power failure then the computer crashes. Friendly will provide equipment that initiates an orderly shutdown once power is interrupted.

If you need wire pulled and terminated including installation of wall plates, Friendly had completed this task many, many times. Friendly will “ring out” all new cables to ensure that terminations have been properly completed.

At Friendly we do our best to “take ownership” of customer problems so when we ask questions about battery backup, virus protection and data backup please understand that we are simply trying to ensure that “fatal flaws” do not exist in your design.

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