End of Support for Server 2003

End of Support for Microsoft Server 2003

Occurred: July 14, 2015

Time ran out for Windows Server 2003.  Microsoft ended support on July 14, 2015.  All versions of Windows Server 2003 no longer receive critical updates or maintain regulatory compliance, which affects other applications and services.

Small business customers who failed to plan for end of support put their business at risk:

No Patches for Security Upgrades  |  There were 37 applied in 2013 alone

No Safe Haven  |  Physical and virtual data will be vulnerable to any and all security threats

No Compliance  |  Customers will start to fail standard compliance audits

Payment Compliance  |  Lack of PCI compliance means that Visa & Mastercard will no longer do business with an organization. Users can be fined thousands of dollars per transaction because of lack of security – not being in PCI Compliance. Increase in hacks over recent years has generated higher fines.

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Read more about the risks and issues involved with continued use of Server 2003:


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