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Making Home & Business Computers “Hurricane Proof”

We live in an environment where packing up and leaving town with just a couple days notice is not somethingHurricane Evacuation Route unheard of.  When a hurricane enters the Gulf, we all watch until time has run out then we grab the things which are precious to us, get everyone in the car or plane and move to a more safe situation. Virtual Computers – Virtual Servers by Friendly Computers can hurricane proof your data.

What about your home computers or, more importantly to some since they hold the key to livelihood, your business server or computers.  Loading up all the computers and taking them along is something that is not beyond the realm of reality but we seldom have required time.  Also, there is always risk in relocating computers because a significant physical shock could ruin a hard drive.  There is an alternative.

Hurricane EvacuationDuring the last year, we began installing Virtual Computers and Virtual Servers.  With the newest release of Microsoft Server Software, 2012 R2, virtualization of a computer or server and its associated data drive is a relatively straightforward process for a trained professional.  Virtual Machines have many nice attributes but perhaps the most important is portability.  A Virtual Machine or data drive may be stored on an external hard drive then installed on any system running an Operating System starting with Windows 8 or later.  You could literally set up your business in another state by loading the Virtual Machines and data drives on available computers.

When a typical server installation is involved, it will operate on one machine.  Relocation is only feasible if one can located an exact duplicate of its original computer.  With the adaptability nature of Virtual Machines, this need is eliminated.  Even in the absence of an evacuation need, the Virtual Machines hold a significant advantage.  If your server or computer “dies” or repair is simply cost prohibitive, you can buy another computer, transfer the Virtual Machine and you will be off and running.

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