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Keep Your Computer Healthy

Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Computer Healthy

Keeping your computer system “healthy” contributes to it’s longevity. Like routine checkups with your family doctor or getting preventative maintenance on your car, your computer needs regular attention to ensure it runs effectively and efficiently.

  1. Install anti-virus software, configure it to run routinely, and ensure it is updated regularly.  This protects your system from virus infections and helps avoid costly virus removal.
  2. Keep your system healthy with regular Windows updates.  Regular updates keeps your system secure because 90% of all Windows updates involve security patches.
  3. Remove clutter and avoid any dust around your computer. Clutter and dust can cause overheating and hardware failures.  By removing clutter, you also allow more airflow.
  4. Clean the inside of your computer or have it cleaned by a professional. Removing dust and build-up helps the processor and other components perform at optimal efficiency.
  5. Avoid downloading and installing email attachments or online videos and music from unknown sources.  Downloads from unknown sources is the number one way to get a virus.
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