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iPad Repair

The most common iPad repair and repairs on other tablets are broken screens.  Because of their portability and size, we tend to drop them.  With an immediate cringe, we hesitate to pick them up after dropping them to see if we have cracked the screen!  Friendly Computers can help with damaged or shattered iPad screens.  Our iPad repair experts are ready to help today!

We perform all iPad repair on all versions of iPad and can also help with:

  • Broken Glass
  • LCD Replacement
  • Battery Issues
  • Headphone Port Repair
  • Mic/Speaker Issues
  • Charging Port Replacement

The second most common repair on an iPad is the charging port.  Because we still like to use our iPads while they are charging, we tend to tug on them and the movement can damage the port.  Replacement of the charging port is simple.  Performing this quick and simple iPad repair can usually be performed the same day or within one day.

Did you know that a tablet screen is really 3 layers?  It contains a glass front panel, a digitizer which is attached to the glass panel, and an LCD which sits behind the top 2 layers.  The LCD layers is the one that allows us to use touch features where we can swipe and tap the screen. When we “break the screen” sometimes we can still use the touch screen features, and other times we cannot.  If you break the glass and cannot use the touch features, your LCD and glass both need to be replaced.  If you see cracks and can still use touch features, the iPad repair can be much cheaper!

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