Guest Gate - Guest Access to Your Home or Office Wifi Network

Guest Gate – Guest Access to Your Wifi Network

Comcast Wifi Pro

By now we are confident you have heard the commercials from Comcast about installing a “guest gate” on your current wireless network.  The offering suggests security for your personal or business data while providing guest access to your wifi connection.  The Comcast fee is only $20 per month for the installation.

Guest gateYou can get the same guest access from Friendly Computers today for a one-time fee, and avoid the ongoing monthly service fees!  Yes that’s right!  Start saving money now and give us a call: 281-554-5500!

Guest Gate Installations by Friendly Computers

The concept applies for residential as well as business wireless networks, and there is nothing mysterious involved.  The Comcast commercials may make it seems like an extremely complicated installation, but is it is one of the most simple situations we encounter in our daily service calls.  Wi-Fi Pro from Comcast provides a second internet connection that allows access to the internet and restricts users from seeing or changing information which resides on your primary network. It allows your visitors to have internet acGuest gatecess but prevents them from seeing your important and/or confidential data.  At Friendly Computers, we can provide the same guest access with a single service call to your home or office.

All you need to establish a “Guest Gate” is a router capable of supporting the concept and a little Technician time.  Our one-time fee option is surely superior to paying Comcast $20/month for as long as the second connection is active.  It results in secure data for you while your guests appreciate having the internet access. In both cases and you not only gain peace of mind, you save money too.

Wireless Security Options

Wireless internet access can be provided with many different levels of security.  Some border on ridiculous but for many, peace of mind is the end result. Depending on the wireless environment and the critical nature of any data stored on the network, there’s a security level appropriate for your installation.

Access by MAC Address

One very secure level is to each specific device to the network individually by what is called their MAC address. Every single electronic device capable of receiving or sending Wi-Fi signals are assigned a MAC Address, much like a car Vehicle Identification Number, during manufacturing.  Media Access Control Addresses are like “fingerprints” since no two devices in this classification are assigned the same MAC Address.  In the router, a list of acceptable MAC addresses is created and kept

current by the Administrator or parent. When the described approach is used, one’s wireless network is “nailed down” with respect to security but maintaining the list can become a real headache.

Password Protected Access

For most people, standard wireless protocols (the way your network components communicate) combined with strong passwords is considered “ok”.  Most installations include a convoluted password which can be changed to something you can remember.  A good option is to use a pass phrase vs. a password that uses letters, numbers, and symbols.  An example of a pass phrase is: Myb3stFriend$u$@n.

Hidden SSID Broadcasted Name

SSIDWhen routers were first installed, the Technicians involved rapidly realized that each network connection must have a unique identifier.  SSID was adopted whichstands for “Service Set Identifier”.  It is simply a word or phrase used to identify your network.  A common example would be “2WIRE895”.  Today Routers all broadcast “default” identifiers unless the user changes the text in the Router configuration.  If a hacker is looking for a way to access your information specifically, using the SSID that clearly identifies you is half of his job so be careful when renaming your network.   A way to add a level of security is not broadcasting the name of your network at all.

Is a Guest Gate Right for Me?

In almost all households in our country, people sit around with phone in hand reading the latest “news” or maybe even viewing a movie over the internet. Wireless, mobile devices are a part of our lives.  We want and expect wireless access nearly every where we go.  Visitors to your business appreciate wifi access as well.  Anyone using your wifi connection can see the files stored on your network. This is the perfect reason to have a Guest Gate installed. A Guest Gate should be used by anyone you don’t want seeing your private stuff stored within your network.  This applies in both your home and your office.  Keep your data and personal information secure with a guest gate from Friendly Computers.

You can get guest access from Friendly Computers today for a one-time fee, and avoid the ongoing monthly service fees associated with a guest gate from Comcast and other services!  Yes that’s right!  No monthly fees! Start saving money now and give us a call: 281-554-5500!




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