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Data Services – Data Recovery

At Friendly Computers we understand the importance of your business-critical data and work hard to avoid costly data loss and data recovery throughout your computer network. Your business data, including customer databases, financial records, employee files, product data, and all other business-critical data is the most important aspect of your business.  Experiencing an interruption to access of this data or worse, experiencing a loss of any or all of this data would be devastating.  As a fellow small business, we understand the importance of data security, data backups, and uninterrupted access.  Your data is always a priority to Friendly Computers when we propose or implement services for your work environment.   We accomplish data security using many measures and also help prevent data loss.

Data Backup Services

Backing up your data is the #1 way to avoid data loss.  There are many options for data backup:  online backup services, using external hard drives, installing multiple hard drives in a networked PC or your in business server, using jump drives or DVD storage for localized backups of individual workstations, or using network-wide backup options. Friendly Computers always recommends data redundancy when available or appropriate for your business environment and recommends the use of an external form of data backup either online (off-site) or within your work environment using tools and technology fitting for your specific usage and needs.

Data Security Services

Securing your office network provides levels of data security that help prevent data loss.  You can read about Network Security Services here.  There are many ways to secure your business-critical data using both software and hardware.  If your office uses a server within its network, your server can be configured for data redundancy with the use of multiple hard drives installed within the server using what is called a RAID Array.  Our IT Services team has the experience and know-how to configure a RAID Array on your business server to secure your data.  Adding this type of installation to routine online (off-site) backup services helps loss prevention and ensures recovery from any potential data loss.

The installation and proper configuration of reliable anti-virus software contributes to the security of your business data.  Many times, anti-virus programs are installed but not configured properly, updated regularly, and are not running routinely.  When computer viruses are acquired on a networked workstation, they can be shared throughout your office network infecting multiple computers.

Securing wireless access to your office network provides data security by eliminating the threat of outside access to your business-critical data. This also helps ensure privacy compliance of customer and employee data.  Should your industry require HIPAA Compliance. Friendly Computers understand the security needs of maintaining HIPAA Compliance.

Data Recovery Services

In the event that you do experience data loss, Friendly Computers provides professional data recovery services. We also partner with a national data recovery provider with clean-room capabilities should our recovery efforts fail or your failed hard drives require more extensive attention such as disassembly of the drive plates prior to recovery.

Hard drives simply fail without warning and when they do, panic can set in.  Your system hard drive is one of the few constantly moving components of your computer.  Because of the constant movement, they are subjected to the possibility of failure.

Friendly Computers has a better than 98% success rate of data recovery on hard drives from laptops, desktops and even recovery of jump drives, DVDs, external hard drives, servers, tablets, and cell phones.  Our advanced recovery tools utilized every day can help if you experience a loss of data.

Once data is recovered, we can assist with the installation of new data storage options, migration of the recovered data to new computers, your server, or wherever you request your data be stored.

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