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Custom Built Desktop Computers

Custom built computers to meet your specific needs at Friendly Computers! Friendly Computers is your source for the newest technology at competitive pricing.  Using only the highest quality components, Friendly Computers can build anything you need from a custom small business desktop to a high-performance system used for extensive photography and videography usage or high-end CAD drawings or high-capacity graphic designs.

Whatever your need, we can determine your specific needs and build a perfect system and procure the appropriate peripherals like printers, monitors (or multi-monitor installations), with keyboard, speakers, and etc.  We can plan and design the best set up for your specific needs.

In addition to building your custom computer, Friendly Computers can transfer data from your old system to the new system to help provide a seamless transition to your new computer.  We can also help with data backup options and recommend anti-virus software to help protect your computer system and network.  Ask about these options when you call to discuss your custom-built system needs.

We have built custom systems for Realtors, Attorneys, Engineers, Architects, Photographers, and Gamers.  Our team of experts loves technology and loves building custom systems.  How can we help in your home or office?  We have built custom water-cooled gaming systems, high-end performance desktops, and everything in between. We can build and install systems with a single monitor, two to five curved monitors, multi-level monitors, and high definition large-screen systems.  Tell us your preference and leave the rest to us!

Call now for the very latest pricing and specials on our custom-built systems: 281-554-5500.  You can also read about our custom-built and refurbished systems here:

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All are available today at Friendly Computers!