Cisco Routers - Virtual Servers: Yes We Can!

Cisco Routers – Virtual Servers: Yes We Can Do That!

Yes We Can Do That!  Cisco Routers – Virtual Servers

The IT Service Providing business is competitive and there are a bunch of folks who either think they are competent to deliver services required by most small businesses or they know they can’t but are more interested in taking people’s money than maintaining a respectful reputation. We refer to some of those “service providers” as “hit and run” Technicians. Their objective is to net as much as they can on a single call then, in many situations, leave customers with a total disaster. We know that happens because we have been asked more than once to clean up the mess that one created. Those are always “fun” experiences because, for some reason, the “victims” associate what we charge with the amount they already paid to the low/no quality Technicians so no matter what quality we deliver many times they are unhappy at the end. Rather than considering only the amount they pay us to straighten out the mess they subconsciously add the amount we charge to what they paid the crook leaving them extremely unhappy.
We like to get and keep customers. The way we try to earn that right is by being 100% honest, guaranteeing our work and trying very hard to make everyone’s problem our problem. Our Technicians are the best you will find in the area and they all know that they are required to live up to our name.
Do you provide service for….. We hear that almost daily and the answer is “yes”. Whether the caller is talkingCisco Routers Cisco Switches about configuration and installation of a small router on a home network with 2 or 3 users or a business with a half dozen or hundreds of employees and equipped with Cisco Routers, Sonic Walls, Layer 3 Switches and requiring Remote Services and the answer is “yes”. The entire question is “do you provide service for” or “can you install and support”. Regardless of the size and complexity of your home or business network Friendly Computers Technicians have the knowledge and expertise necessary for providing efficient and effective support. And whether you use a Cisco routers or any other routers, we install, configure, and maintain routers every single day.
Almost all small businesses can benefit from a Server and they come in my flavors. The current release of Microsoft software is Server 2012 R2. We provide new and refurbished Servers configured in RAID 1 or RAID 5 Arrays, Physical and Virtual.
Installation of a server using a single hard drive without a RAID Array is surely possible but we recommend using an Array because of their inherent backup tendencies. A RAID 5 spreads data across 3 or more hard drives and when 3 are used failure of any single drive doesn’t result in any data loss. Many service providers recommend RAID 5 because of the low probability that two drives of the same age will fail in the same timeframe. It sounds good but during the past 10 years we have observed several business using RAID 5 experience a drive failure only to experience a second failure after the drive has been replaced and the ARRAY rebuild is in progress. When the second drive fails, all data is gone. At one time we recommended RAID 5 but, because of our experiences, we strongly recommend RAID 1. In that configuration, when something is written to one drive the same data is immediately written to the second drive. Yes you an argue as much for a RAID 5 as for a RAID 1 but we consistently try to do what is right for our customers and RAID 1 is our standard.
Virtual servers have become popular since the release of Hyper-V and simplification of the process partly because we live in an area where evacuation for Hurricanes occasionally happen. The most attractive attribute of Virtual Servers is their inherent portability. When a Virtual Server is installed with virtualized data, the two components can run on almost any platform. If a physical server is in use and its mother board fails, unless an exact mother board replacement can be located, a complete reload of the Operating System becomes necessary. Not only is this process expensive from a Technician manpower perspective but the time the Server must be shutdown is extended to days resulting in huge losses of business revenue. With a Virtual, as long as the same number of hard drives can be provided, it will run on any computer running Windows 8 or newer software. Yes, the Server can operate on a standard PC running Windows 8. Performance will be poor but it will run. If a small business using a virtual server experience something like a motherboard failure, we can deliver another server, load the virtual server and virtual data and have the business up and running normally in a matter of hours rather than days. If an evacuation becomes necessary, the small business owner can pick up their external hard drive containing a copy of the virtual server and virtual data and leave town with total peace of mind that their business will be operating very quickly when the owner returns at the end of the evacuation period.
When a small business loses their Information Technology support and experience difficulties with their Exchange Server based email system or data access privileges as stipulated in Active Directory, almost suddenly something that has been taken for granted receives a lot of attention. Pay day is approaching but the bookkeeper can’t access Quick Books and work is grinding to a halt because employees can’t access document stored on network drives. There are many IT Service Providers that can be located on the web when this scenario manifests its self but there aren’t many who employ competent Technicians, take pride in their reputation, insist that customers are told the whole unedited ugly truth when a mistake is made, provide a100% guarantee on their work and do their best to make the small business’ problems their problems. At Friendly we do all of those things and more.
Once you make the move to Friendly and come to visit our facilities you will become convinced that when you need us we will be there. You know where to find us and we are more than just a web page and phone number. We have been amazed at the number of small businesses who rely on a single person for their Technical support and the only method of contacting the person is a cell phone number. If you experience a major problem on a day when he just doesn’t feel like answering the phone you are in a big ole mess. You might feel like finding the person and giving them a piece of your mind but you don’t know where to look. You can find us. We will be in the same location occupied for the past 10 years and Yes we do provide that service. Give us a trial. You will be glad you did because when you experience a problem you will know that “Friendly can fix that problem”.

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