Computer Won't Boot - Laptop Boot Issues? Call Friendly Computers

computer won't boot

It is frustrating when your computer won’t boot at all or won’t boot all the way.  This can be caused by several things.  Sometimes, a system will not turn on at all just after a storm because power surges or outages fry the computer’s power supply.  This is a very common repair we see at Friendly Computers.  Power supply replacements on desktop computers are relatively inexpensive.  We recommend that all computers, laptops, and networks are attached to power through a surge protector.  It is also important to perform regular backups to secure your data.

Other reasons computer won’t boot are viruses, hard drive problems, software conflicts, or corrupted Operating Systems. If you suspect you have a  virus, it is best to let it remain shut off to avoid the spread of the virus.  Friendly Computers can quickly and easily diagnose and repair any computer issues and get your systems back up and running smoothly.  Our advanced diagnostic tools effectively filter through the potential problems and allows us to efficiently perform repairs.

Whether you have a hardware issue, viruses, software problems, or power issues, Friendly Computers can help with anything causing boot issues on your computer or laptop.  Sometimes boot issues point to other problems.  Friendly Computers can diagnose and repair your system.

Friendly Computers has serviced and repaired over 30,000 local computers, laptops, and networks and we have been in business nearly 10 years in the same center as Burlington Coat Factory in Webster.  Our team of experts is ready to help with any brand and any repair you may need in your home, your office, or our shop.  Give us a call today! 281-554-5500.

We proudly serve both business and residential customers from Houston to Galveston and from Baytown to Sugar Land.  Our business services include complete network management from software to hardware and data security and loss prevention.  Visit our Business Services page to learn about all of our IT Support.

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