Laptop Boot Issues - Laptop Won't Boot?

Laptop Won’t Boot?

There are many reasons why a laptop won’t boot at all or won’t boot all the way.  You may be experience a power issue, software or hardware issue, or a wide-variety of issues preventing your laptop from booting. Regardless of the reason, when your laptop won’t boot it can be frustrating. The most common reason for a laptop to not turn on is some type of power issue.  Many times, because of the portability of a laptop, we damage the connection between the power cord and the power jack on the back or side of our laptops.  The power jack can become dislodge from the motherboard and prevent your laptops from maintaining a charge.  Once the battery runs down, it will no longer turn on.

Although we do not perform soldering of the power jack onto the motherboard (found on older laptop models), if your laptop has a plug-in power jack attached to the motherboard, Friendly Computers can disassemble your laptop to reattach it or even replace it if it experiences damage. Most newer laptops feature the plug-in power jack.

Viruses, hard drive problems, software conflicts, or corrupted Operating Systems can also cause boot issues with your laptop. When your laptop won’t boot, Friendly Computers can quickly diagnose your boot issues and determine a plan of action to repair your laptop.  Our laptop experts work on multiple laptop repairs every day.  We service all brands including Apple.  We can help with any laptop repair need and offer our services onsite in your home or office.  You can also take advantage of our convenient drop-off service at our shop in Webster.  We are located at 20740 Gulf Frwy, Webster, TX at I-45 and NASA Pkwy in the same center as Burlington Coat Factory.

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