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Thank you for visiting Friendly Computers. Sit back and relax while we show you around and enlighten you about our company.We are quite proud of our state-of-art computer repair facilities. During 2009 our landlord requested that we relocate from our original location across the parking lot from our office. We took full advantage of that opportunity by installing all wiring under the flooring to allow maximum speed transfers to our server located in the back room. You will seldom see more monitors in one place. We took this step to enable Bench Technicians to constantly watch what is happening during things like virus removal. The alternative is use of a switch (KVM) that enables Technician to switch from computer to computer.

When very qualified and experienced Technicians are combined with State of The Art facilities, the end result is we fix it right the first time – every time.

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Friendly Computers opened for business in Webster July 6, 2006 in a location across the parking lot from our current offices. Marlene (my wife) and I own and operate the business and take a lot of pride in the fact that we built the business together. Much of the initial work in making the original site operational, we performed together. Over the years we enjoyed helping a bunch of people with problems. Over 30,000 computers have been repaired by our Technicians. Many companies in our area view us as “the IT Department”. Currently over 30 companies take advantage of our “Monthly Service Agreements” and we provide service for hundreds of local businesses and thousands of residential customers. Our facility is state of the art. We are not a “mom and pop” shop because we buy anything that makes our employees more effective in their jobs. Our shop utilizes a gigabit network to facilitate movement of customer data to and from our two servers. Internet access is provided by Comcast and Verizon. Both Internet Service Providers are connected to a router which automatically switches from Comcast to Verizon if Comcast service is interrupted. Technicians have computers built in open frames at their work stations allowing easy connection of customer hard drives and other equipment. I don’t believe you will find a Tech Station like the ones we use anywhere else in Houston. Technicians are the heart of our business. We only hire the best and we keep them by paying more than any of our competitors. When hired Technicians are told that they will be immediately fired for lying. Lying to each other, Marlene, me or customers is not tolerated. If we make a mistake when repairing a customer’s computer and it does happen, we tell the customer what happened, clean up the mess, learn from the experience and move on. Sticker shock does not occur with customers. When you come to pick up your computer, you will know exactly what you are going to be charged. We do not “bait and switch” by promising a cheap repair price then hitting the customer with a bunch of unexpected charges driving up the actual costs. We keep our customers. Every effort is made to ensure that all customers are 100% satisfied with our work. We seldom encounter people who feel that they didn’t get what they paid for but when it happens I am personally available to discuss the situation with the customer. Over almost 6 years, I can count on one hand the number of customers who left our location unhappy. There are people you simply cannot please like the lady I told to take her computer home without paying to evaluate the situation then return and pay only if she was happy. She angrily insisted on paying for the repair. We took her money. You may find a cheaper repair facility but you won’t find a better company for performing your computer or IT work. We do it “right” the first time and 100% guarantee our work. If you can find a “better” overall repair company, use it!

All Computer Services Companies Weren’t Created Equally

When you need services for your small business or for your home PC, laptop or MAC, how do you select your service provider? We have been in the same location for 10 years and repaired over 30,000 computers for small businesses and homes during that period. When you request our assistance with your problem, we have seen it before – many times. Is starting with an established company employing Technicians who are the best qualified available with ability to draw on 10 years’ experience a good idea? If your objective is getting it fixed “right” the first time and having your repairs backed with a satisfaction guaranteed policy, we are the best choice.

Friendly Computers can sometimes have unhappy customers. I can remember about half a dozen out of the 30,000 but there are people who cannot be satisfied no matter how hard you try. Our staff is instructed not to allow a customer to leave our facility unhappy but if you aren’t happy and have exhausted the normal steps to problem resolution you can contact me directly at ronlsujones@gmail.com which is my private email address. You will receive a reply. If you don’t, just contact our store and ask for “Ron’s cell phone number”. If you are a salesman, you won’t get my number but after it is confirmed that you are a customer, you will receive the information. Our customers are important to us and if you are unhappy I want to know why so I can resolve your problem and correct the situation that allowed it to develop.

If you want the cheapest repairs available anywhere, Craigs List or a similar posting site is probably your best choice. Most individuals offering services there are not bonded and insured for $2MM as are we, they don’t have a physical location and Technicians don’t wear company uniforms or drive company cars. I saw one posting offering installation of Windows 7 Pro for less than $100 including software and labor. Since we pay over $100 just for the software wholesale, I believe that the only way service could be provided as indicated is using illegal software. Even if the person offering services uses Genuine Microsoft Products, you have no way of knowing about their qualifications. Do you want to trust your computer and the confidential information stored there to a person who’s only definite qualifications as a Technician is the fact that they own the Phillips screwdriver required to remove the side panel? If you want the cheapest services available, we are probably not your best choice. If you want your equipment repaired right the first time by qualified Technicians with a guarantee of satisfaction, why don’t you give us a try. You will be glad you did.

Ron Jones

Owner Friendly Computers

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